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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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remember where they come from. so when ms. saw the young women here dancing, paying damage -- homage to what i consider sacred land, it is fitting that we come here today. we also come with the knowledge in the reality that we are a community in transition. when you are in transition and growing, you are moving forward. it is important for us to remember continuity as we move forward and continue to build for our future. so with that, thank you to my colleague scott wiener. i also like to thank my colleagues that came to the bayview, at the town hall meeting a couple of days ago. it is the city family that is going to help us move forward. i specifically want to thank the mayor. this is the man that is unabashed about his support.
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he is with us 100% of the way. his walk and talk are in unison. i hear him downtown at the chamber of commerce and when he is making presentations to the community. it is consistent, thoughtful, compassionate, and it is real. it is a real talk. he mentioned honoring some of the promises that were made in the past. now here is the day. it is coming. and we will usher in, collectively, as a community. we have in business leaders here to help us guide through this transformation from point a to point b, and beyond. so with that, this is a positive day. we will continue to take this momentum and move forward and continue to build. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor.
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indeed, a positive day. i also want to take a moment to acknowledge the terrific support we have had a leading up to this groundbreaking. former supervisor sophie maxwell. she may be here later on today. she was fantastic to secure funds. supervisor cohen alluded to the support from other mr. supervisors. it is my pleasure to introduce supervisor scott wiener. [applause] >> thank you and congratulations to everyone on this amazing progress. all the three branch libraries in my district were open before i took office, so i like to live vicariously through my colleagues to help celebrate something so important. in a time when we all get down on our city government for not
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doing as well as we want them to do, in terms of services, what our government has been able to do with renovating and opening libraries, helping to build communities in the neighborhoods is critical. i am optimistic for third street. this is a big part of moving this entire corridor forward. i also want to reiterate something the mayor said. i have the fortune of working with malia cohen. we sit on a land use committee together. she is a tenacious advocate for district 10. she is doing a great job and i am proud to call for my colleague. congratulations, everyone. [applause] >> thank you. my next introduction is someone bittersweet. i know mark leno already did knowledge then risk and -- ed riskin.
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it is dpw's loss, but it will be mta's game. i know that i will be able to call on him for ongoing report -- support. so with that, it is my pleasure to introduce ed riskin. [applause] >> thank you. it has been a long time coming. the people in the bayview hunters point has it been patient as this project has taken its course. we are delighted to be here today to celebrate a great neck step in this project. the department of public works has the pleasure of working with the library management and commission, and with the community to help envision what the library is that they want. once that is done, our job is to get it done and to work with all the people to get it designed, built, stalked, staff, and opened. this is where the rubber really
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hits the road for us. we have been engaged in this project for a long time, but now we need to make sure that you will get a library that you want and deserve. in doing so, it takes -- to use a corny cliches -- it takes a village to build a library. it takes a lot of people to come together to make a project like this happen. our commitment to you is to build a library that you want, that is safe and secure, that is inviting, functional, modern. a place that you want to be. a place where you want your kids to be. and that will be done on every hand library that we work on in this city. additionally, what we want to do -- and this is that the direction of the mayor and supervisors, former supervisors, and the community, we want to leave a legacy of not only a
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beautiful library, but of opportunity. that opportunity is in the form of business, for small businesses in this neighborhood, jobs for people in this neighborhood. so not only do we get out of this at the end of the day a great library but we did people who have been put to work who have built their skills. we did businesses that have grown at as a part of this process, and we are working extremely hard to make sure that we not only did a great library built, but that local businesses, local residents -- and i mean very local residences -- getting the benefit of the library being built. that is a very important commitment of hours. we will continue to do everything we can to make that happen. there are a number of people in the village that i would like to thank. so many that i had to write them down. first of all, the people that
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work with the community to come up with the design that you ultimately approved. we have caring and maria from the architecture design company. [applause] it will be a beautiful library. the mayor already made reference to these guys, but we went through a competitive process to find the very best folks we could find to build this library. we are very fortunate that the winners that emerged from that process or bayview kck contractors. freddie carter is not only the vice-president, superintendent on this job, he was our first local higher on this job. he is -- this is his local library.
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i will not tell you what his address is, but he can walk home after this is done. if anybody is going to get this library done right, with people from the bayview benefiting from it, it is going to be freddie carter. what we did is rather than award one big contract that other folks could be competitive for, we broken up into a lot of pieces so that we could maximize opportunity for local business. we have a large number of local businesses. i think we already have tens subcontractors from the bayview who are going to be working on this project. one of them already started and cleared the space here. we want to give a shout to oliver transbay. another great firm benefiting from your tax dollars.
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derek has been making sure that we do the out reach so that we do not miss an opportunity for companies to participate. and then we are working with our partners within the government. one of the mayor's former departments, romulus, has been working with us. we have odierno rodriguez, ken, and others making sure that we maximize opportunities. one of their big partners when they're working in this neighborhood is abu. we are working closely with them. i want to give a shout out to them. we want to see more local residents getting work. [applause] and then the rest is up to us, dpw, working with the library. the guy that will be working day to day with freddie, our
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resident engineer, garland wong. he will be living here and will not sleep until this library is done. he is supported by several wonderful people. lina chen is managing all of these projects. [applause] i also wanted knowledge of our other local hire, deputy director, muhammed nuru. always working for the baby. we are honored to be able to work on this for our community, who is so deserving and has been so patient. we are going to get people to work in the process and we are all going to be very happy here at the ribbon cutting and a little bit over by year. [applause]
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>> i think you can all see a pattern. this is all about local ownership. thank you for making this happen. i want to acknowledge and invite to the podium the leader of our library commission. no one demonstrates leadership better than jule gomez. [applause] >> thank you. it is my honor to serve the citizens of the city as the head of the library commission. i got lost on my way here. i asked two people. you ask one person and then you have to ask the second person to make sure the first person knew what they were saying. everyone knew where the library was. i took a wrong turn on silver and they set me in the right direction. that says something about the community. people know where the library is. this community has suffered a lot of loss, feeling a lot of
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sadness. but this is all so a very full community. it is full of families, full of pride, full of hope. it is very full of possibility for what will happen in the future. and you are going to need a lot of community togetherness to get to that future. in the beginning was the word. the library will have the words you will ever need. come on down when it opens. [applause] >> thank you so much. also, michael brier, thank you for joining us. we're almost there, folks. but we have an important person i want to invite to the podium.
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the friends of the library to an amazing job of raising funds at the community level to ensure all of the furniture, technology, and everything else is in place. let's give a round of applause to the executive director of friends of the library. donna? [applause] >> good morning, everyone. so pleased to be here. not only not but last me -- not but -- last and not least, but last but most important. this community has done such a beautiful job envisioning this library, what is important, how it needs to work into the priorities of their community. i want to thank all of these kids in the red t-shirts. [applause] they are here, exemplifying why
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the rest of us are here. we are so excited to see the day when you come rushing in and pick up those brand new books off the shelves. it will be a great day. so many of you have participated and given your wisdom and vision. we want to thank everyone of you. we have a great committee working on this project. you may know that we are raising money to provide all of the furnishings, the things that feel -- fill the building to make it feel like home. so i would like to ask all of you who participated, who are part of the committee, who have been helping us along with the vision, to raise your hand so that people can know. thank you. [applause] i want to encourage everyone, it is not too late to be part of this. when we are back here cutting the ribbon in one year, we want to be able to have everyone feel like they were part of this,
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that they had a hand in it. many of those folks can let in know how to participate. i want to recognize a couple of local businesses that have helped. lowe's and brought over a carpet so that our young ladies could do some dancing. one of the great part of being in this part of the city is wendy's cheesecake. before you go, make sure you get a wonderful slice of that delicious cheesecake. come on in and join us. we will all be celebrating again soon. [applause] >> thank you, donna. guess what, folks? we are almost there. i also want to point out this is
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multi generational. thank you, mrs. fuller, who is seated right here in front. she is the wife of the late mr. fuller, from the pharmacy here in the bayview. talk about wanting to see this come to fruition. thank you for being here today. also a shout out to the footprints, the community organization. thank you for your engagements and involvement in making this happen. here we are. we are going to ask the dignitaries to grab a shovel. we are going to have a countdown and then we will get this done. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
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[applause] ♪ >> hello, and welcome to the department of elections right choice voting instructional video. it is part of the department of elections right choice voting outreach campaign and is designed to educate san francisco rig franciscoht choice voting. today we will learn what it is and who is elected using this voting method. we will also talk about with the ranked joyce l. looks like and how to market correctly.
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finally, we will see how the ranked joyce voting process works and to you an example of an election using ranked choice of voting. so, what is ranked joyce voting? in march 2002 san francisco voters adopted a charter to implement ranked choice of voting, also known as instant runoff voting. san francisco voters will use it to elect most local officials by selecting a first choice candidate in the first column on the ballot and deborah second and third choice candidates in the second and third columns resect to do -- respectively. this makes it possible to elect local officials with the majority of votes. more than 50% without the need for a second runoff election. in san francisco, ranked choice of voting is for the election of members of the board of supervisors, the mayor, sharon, just -- district attorney, city
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attorney, treasurer, this is a recorder, and public defender. ranked joyce voting does not apply to elections for local school and community college board members. number the election of state or federal officials. ranked choice of voting does not affect the adoption ballot measures. when voters received their ballot, either at a polling place or an absentee ballot in the mail, it will consist of multiple cards. voters will receive cards with contests for federal and state offices, as well as for state propositions and local ballot measures. for ranked choice voting contest, voters will receive a separate ranked choice ballot card. it will have instructions to rank three choices, which is new. the ranked choice ballot is designed in the side by side column format that lists the names of all candidates in each
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of the three columns. when marking the ranked choice ballot, voters elect their first choice in the first column by completing the aero pointing to their choice. for their second choice, voters selected different wind by completing the arab pointing to their choice in the second column. for their third choice, voters elect a different candidate by completing the arrow pointing to their choice. voters wishing to vote for qualified write-in candidate can write it in on the line provided. and they must complete the arrow pointing to their choice. keep in mind, it voters should select a different candidate for each of the three columns of the ranked choice ballot card. if the voters elect the same candidate in more than one column, his or her vote for that candidate will count only once. also, a voter's second choice will be counted only if his or
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her first choice candidate has been eliminated. and a voter's third choice will be counted only if both his or her first and second choice candidates have been eliminated. we have talked about how to mark the ranked choice ballot. now let's look at how ranked choice of voting works. initially, every first choice vote is a candidate. any candidate that receives a majority, more than 50% of the first choice to vote, is determined to be the winner. if no candidate receives more than 50% of the first choice votes, a process of eliminating candidates and transferring votes begins. first, the candidate who received the fewest numbers of first choice votes is eliminated from the race. second, voters who selected the eliminated candidate as their first choice will have their vote to transfer to their second choice. there, all the votes are
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recounted. fourth, if any candidate receives more than 50% of the votes, he/she is declared the winner. if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, the process of eliminating candidates and transferring votes is repeated until one candidate has a winning majority. now let's look at an example of an election using ranked choice of voting. in this example, we have three candidates. candidate a, b, and c. after all the first choice votes are counted, none of the three candidates has received more than 50%, or a majority of the first choice vote cast. candidate a g-205% ofb the votes% received 40%. and c received 35% of the boats. because no candidate received a majority, the candidate who received the fewest number of
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first choice votes, a candidate a, is eliminated from the race. voters to pick a candidate a as their first choice candidate will have their but transferred to their second choice. and the voters to pick and a, 15% chose candidate b as their second choice, and 10% chose c as their second choice. these votes are then applied to b and c, and the votes are recounted. candidate b now has 55% of the votes. candidate c as 45%. candidate b has more than 50% of the votes and is determined as the winner. >> thank you for watching. we hope you have ranked choice learned ranked choice of voting and was elected. you have seen the ballot, learned how to market, and learned how the voting process works. if you have any further questions about ranked choice
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voting, please contact us at department of elections, city hall, room 48, 1 dr. carlton be good lit place, sentences go, california, 94102. or 415-554-4375. visit our website,
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>> proposition a would authorize the san francisco unified school district to issue bonds to repair and upgrade more than 50 school facilities. property taxes could be increased if needed to pay the principal and interest on these bonds. the bond funds would be used to repair and replace major building systems including electrical, heating wat, water, security, and fire sprinklers. remove hazardous materials. improve accessibility for people with disabilities. make necessary seismic upgrades. replace permanent structures and perform other work necessary to apply closure -- codes and
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regulation . they can't pay for teachers and administrative salaries or operative expenditures.
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